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‘Shadows and bare branches’


These tall forms

with elongated shadows

reference my childhood landscape.


I think of standing in it

the sounds, smells and muted colours

the dry sclerophyll bush

quartzite cliffs and the wild wattle of the place I grew

made mistakes

found imagination.


In the Pyrenees region of Victoria.


An enclosed space

With an entry and exit


A form that holds an


A chosen Solitude


Thoughts about light

Shimmers and is muted


From observation

Of ‘Solitude‘

A painting

Clarice Beckett


The foundations of this work lies in the painting, Solitude, by Clarice Beckett.

Through these soft feminine forms with a shell that is strong but appears brittle, and an interior space  that invites a moment of stillness to reflect , I want to bring awareness to one female artist.

It continues my interest in women artists and how they have been perceived, and whose  work is often marginalised, throughout  the history of art.

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